Do central air conditioners in Ottawa handle the summer heat?

Ottawa gets scorching in the summer, with humid, hot weather that reaches over 30°C. It can become plain unbearable to stay at home during these hot days and most pedestal fans won’t do the job.

Central air conditioners can chill down your whole house equally — leaving no hot spots — and provide relief to your family on the hottest of Ottawan days.

Read below to find out what central air conditioners are best for Ottawan homes!

What central air conditioners work best in Ottawa?

You should get a central air unit with a rating of 13 SEER greater.

Air conditioners with this rating will perform better in the 25 – 30°C days that are common in Ottawa summers. And more efficiency means you’ll save on utility bills and your AC will have a longer lifespan since it won’t be operating under any stress.

Central air units with lower SEER ratings need to “overperform” to provide the same cooling effect, so they will get more wear and tear. And that means more frequent visits by the repair team.

So, if you want to save money on air conditioning you should pick a unit that’s best suited for Ottawan weather.

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What temperature should I set my temperature at?

Energy Star recommends you keep your air conditioner at 25°C.

This temperature provides the best comfort-savings ratio, which means you’ll mitigate the heat without spiking the utility bills.

However, that might not be comfortable enough for some people. What we recommend is you dial down the temperature from 25°C degree to degree, slowly, waiting for your body to adjust.

Do this till you find the most comfortable setting for your family.

Central air conditioner prices in Ottawa

We offer central air conditioning units from Goodman, Lennox and York with prices that range from around $2,750 – $7,000.

Prices depend mostly on the SEER rating and its internal components. A modern unit will usually cost more than a traditional air conditioner too, so perhaps if you’re on a budget a legacy model would suit you best.

Rest assured that we’ll offer the most affordable air conditioner that works best for your family home.

Ottawa air conditioner installation

Do you need to install central air in Ottawa?

Our company is one of the most traditional HVAC companies in the area with 40 years of history — and the staff has years of experience installing central air conditioning at many Ottawan homes.

And we can help you pick the best air conditioning unit considering the size and dimensions of your house. We won’t trick you into buying expensive equipment when a more affordable unit will work best!

So, if you need experienced professionals to install central air conditioning in your home in the Ottawa area, just get in touch with us.

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