What is the efficiency of an air conditioner in Ottawa?

Ottawa has very warm and humid summers, so families rely on AC to make the temperature at home comfortable.

Below you’ll find out the common issues of air conditioning in Ottawa, as well as information on repairs.

What Are Common Problems With Air Conditioners in Ottawa?

Air conditioners in Ottawa can get damaged due to improper usage on hot days — or simply from clogging with leaves or yard debris getting sucked up accidentally by the AC unit blocking the outdoor coil.

The most common problems AC units face in Ottawa aren’t that different from common problems in other North American cities.

Here’s a list of the most common problems with air conditioners in Ottawa:

  • Dirty air filter: Before starting your air conditioner for the first time check to ensure you have a clean air filter, then check monthly throughout the summer to avoid potential service calls
  • Cover left on outdoor unit: Before starting your air conditioner for the first time check to ensure the cover has been removed if you start your air conditioner with the cover on you will likely need to contact an HVAC technician immediately for a repair
  • Refrigerant leaks: it isn’t normal for your air conditioner to be leaking. If you notice any leaks, you should contact an HVAC technician immediately for a repair, the leak must be repaired before adding refrigerant
  • Thermostat Sensor problems: sometimes, the thermostat sensor is out of place and needs to be adjusted. A misplaced sensor could cause the AC to behave abnormally, cycling on and off constantly. Contact a technician for advice
  • Drainage issues: since Ottawa can get really humid in the summer, condensation can clog up in the drain. Make sure the drain’s clean and that water can flow easily, as well as if the AC unit is level with the ground. Many units on uneven terrain can’t drain condensation away properly
  • Electric failure: electric controls for the compressor and fan can fail, especially if the AC turns on and off constantly. You should contact a technician to check out these components
  • Debris in the blower: sometimes, the AC’s blower has debris from leaves, twigs, or just plain dirt. Give it a cleanse and see if it starts working again

What Do I Need to Know Before Replacing My Air Conditioner?

You should always check the product warranty before opting for a replacement.

Many AC units have a warranty that lasts for many years and you can get a free repair or even a brand-new AC unit without spending a dime.

Check the paperwork and see if the damage to your AC unit is covered by the warranty. If it isn’t, then it’s time to contact an HVAC technician.

On the phone, they’ll ask the age of the equipment, what exactly is the problem, and when you started noticing this issue — did it get worse over time and you ignored it, or did it suddenly stop working?

You need to be as clear as possible when answering these questions because they’ll help the technician better identify the problem.

Also, AC repairs can be expensive so if you don’t have a service agreement, expect to shell out a few hundred dollars. Of course, you can always negotiate payment methods and financing options to make this less of a burden on your wallet.

How Bad Is AC for the Environment?

Air conditioners account for roughly 6% of the residential energy use of Americans, which goes to show how energy-intensive this utility can be.

However, in recent years energy-efficient AC units have become a mainstay in the market and today you can purchase an air conditioner that uses far less energy than legacy ones do.

Also, getting an AC with a high-efficiency rating SEER greater than 13.0 is mandatory for Ottawan homes. That’s because they’ll provide the best energy-comfort ratio on hot, humid summer days without wasting too much energy.

So, in a nutshell: ACs use energy, but efficient models mitigate the impact on the environment.

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