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Plumbing is important!

Arguably one of the greatest inventions in human history is indoor plumbing.

When you flush the toilet or put water down the drain, or turn the tap on, you don’t think too much about what is happening but plumbing is a complex business of pipes, drain fittings, valves, valve assemblies and devices within a business or home that allows for the distribution of clean water for drinking, water for heating and washing and the removal of waterborne wastes.

Even the slightest disruption in any of these components can disturb the entire system, requiring the need for professional plumbers to come in and take a look. Our plumbing service in Ottawa can help with this!

In days past, plumbing consisted of pipes made of clay, lead, bamboo or wood but today water-supply systems use high-pressure pumps and copper pipes in buildings. Materials for pipes can also be brass and plastic, or other non-toxic materials.

If you are updating the plumbing in your home, or you are building a new home, you want to make sure that the plumbing is installed properly. Plumbing is more than just connecting pipes together, leading water in and waste-water out. You need various lengths of pipes, as well as pipe fittings such as elbows, tees, unions and valves. You also need plumbing fixtures, sealants and more.

Needless to say, plumbing is a complex business and it needs to be done right. If plumbing stops working, it can lead to a lot of stress for a household. Without clean water, cooking becomes much more time-consuming. Without proper drainage, a home can become unlivable. Of everything in your home, plumbing may be the most important.

The system in your home operates under a lot of pressure. If you don’t believe that it does, cut a hole in a pipe in your basement and see how powerful the stream is coming out.

The system is under high-pressure and it needs to be installed in such a way that the high-pressure water isn’t going to come out. As a result, you need to use high-pressure welding to ensure that the pipes are connected properly, with no worry that there is going to be a leak.

High-pressure welding is not something that anyone can do, and it should only be done by a professional.

Welding a high-pressure system is not the same as welding other systems, and individuals need to be trained in order to do it properly.

In plumbing today, there are three main types of welding that are conducted. The first is brazing, the second is bronze welding and the third is fusion welding. Today, the most common way to weld is through high-pressure welding equipment that is combined with oxygen and acetylene.

Whether it is pipes, boilers, radiators, water heaters or anything else related to plumbing and water, having someone who is skilled with high-pressure welding is very important in any plumbing job.

The use of water as the heat-transfer medium within a heating and cooling system is called Hydronics. If you are wondering what a system like this looks like, think of the old-style steam or hot-water radiators that were found in apartment buildings, high-rises and more.

Hydronics has gone through several changes over the years. In the past, the system included a chilled water loop and heated water loop, which would be used depending on the season. Today, the chiller boiler system provides a similar system, but is highly-efficient and is integrated into HVAC systems within homes and commercial spaces.

While there are two basic types of hydronic systems, steam/hot water and chilled water, there are five classifications of hydronic systems; flow generation, temperature, pressurization, piping arrangement and pumping arrangement. The piping arrangements are divided into several categories; single pipe, two-pipe, three-pipe, four-pipe and series loop.

There are several benefits to using Hydronics in a home or business. The efficiency is extremely high and the operating cost of the hydronic heating system is very low. Today, radiator panel system pipes are fire-rated, flexible and lightweight, making them very safe in homes and businesses. Slab heating efficiency has also improved with the use of thermal barriers instead of foam.

Water is a wonderful thing, but even in nature, it can get a bit dirty. Many diseases can be found in water, so it is important that water is treated properly. This is where water treatment comes in. Water treatment, as we think of it, is often seen as a big facility that cleans water, but there are systems that can be installed into a home that also clean water. There are even building that will have their own water treatment system, allowing them to be completely self-contained. Regardless of whether it is a big system, a new system, or a current system in need of repair, our professionals can deal with your water treatment needs to help you get your system running, or keep it running for many years to come.

Water treatment is vitally important in our day and age. Without water treatment, our water would contain harmful pathogens, it would make us ill, and it would greatly reduce human life-expectancy. Even simple water treatment can go a long way in improving the life of someone in their home or building.

Have a leaky sink? We can give you a hand in repair, or replacement.


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