Thank you for choosing Climate Works! We are grateful to have you as our client and we look forward to building a long-lasting and trusting relationship with you.  There are a few things to note and be prepared for on the date of your installation/service. These requirements are to ensure worker’s and resident’s safety, while enhancing your Climate Works experience.

We kindly ask you to review the following bullet points so your experience with Climate Works is timely and stress-free on the day of install/service.

  • Please have the work area free of all unnecessary materials. A 6-foot clearance all-around any equipment that we will be working on would be ideal if possible.
  • Please clear all staircases of obstructions. It is important that our team has ease of access to areas of your home where work is being performed.
  • It is required that the homeowner (or representative) be home at scheduled arrival time to allow the team to access the job site.
  • Any outside areas we may be using need to be free of debris and fully accessible for our technicians. 
  • On completion of work, the homeowner (or representative) be home in order to have a final walkthrough with the Climate Works Representative.
  • If any young children or pets are present in your home, please ensure that they do not have access to the work area in order to maintain a safe working environment.
  • Please clear laneways of vehicles before our technician’s scheduled time of arrival.
  • In the winter, please ensure snow and ice are cleared from your laneway and walkways in order to allow our vehicle and technicians to access the immediate area of your home.
  • If a suspended ceiling is in position, it is the homeowner’s responsibility for removal. If the ceiling was not removed, any damages will be the homeowners’ responsibility.
  • If you prefer that our technicians wear masks please, inform our sales team prior to the installation/service.
  • Payment will be required upon completion of our work unless otherwise discussed with our sales staff. Please provide a payment method for our crew upon completion of the work.
  • Acceptable payment methods include:
    • Credit card transaction through a secure app on our technicians’ phone
    • Personal or certified cheque
    • E-transfer which can be sent to with our tech present, the password for the transaction will need to be given to our technician
    • Cash is not being accepted at this time
  • Please note that failure to provide the above-listed job site conditions may result in additional costs.


Heating Cooling & Plumbing HVAC services in Ottawa
  • Our tools are being sanitized before and after they enter your house
  • Each crew or technician is using hand sanitizer on a regular basis
  • All crews have been provided with gloves, masks are optional and can be worn for special situations
  • Maintaining 6 feet between our customers and workers at all times
  • All workers are being asked to remain at home if they feel ill, have travelled or are living with someone who may be ill or have travelled
  • Some of our workers may be wearing masks to ensure they are safe and are also ensure there’s no possibility of transferring the virus to or from our customers even if neither party are showing signs
  • If a discussion is required with the customer these shall be carried out, outside the house
  • Our technicians do not wear the same clothes multiple days in a row
  • Work vehicles are cleaned and sanitized regularly
  • Touch base with us regarding your HVAC needs in the Ottawa area and we will direct your inquiry to the appropriate person within our company.
  • Our staff will reach out to you and book a consultation or service appointment depending on the nature of the work required.
  • If a quote is required we will set up a time for a virtual consultation by means of video conference, at this time our Comfort Advisors will walk you through the items we need to see in order to provide the most accurate quote, using a mobile device is best as we can then have you show us all items required to provide you with the accurate price you would like.
  • Our sales staff will provide you with options for the installation and explain all options, if agreed upon an option we will formalize a contract and move towards the installation process
  • Upon the day of installation, we call upon arrival to our home and let you know who we are and you can let us in, this can be as simple as unlocking to the best entrance to your house and returning to a separate part of the house or we can stay at the door and have a conversation so you can meet the team performing the work but maintaining our safe distance to ensure we remain contactless.
  • Upon completion of our work, we will call you from the site and you can perform an inspection of the work to ensure total satisfaction and answer any questions required.