Ottawa Flood Remediation


About Flood Remediation

If you live in a flood-prone area, there is the danger that a flood can come into your house, destroying your basement. That can be a horrible thing to go through, but there can be reverse floods as well. If there is a clog in your sewer lines, it can cause a flood in your basement from the water you use inside. That is a serious problem and it is something that has to be fixed immediately.

The problem is that there are many different ways that a drain can be clogged. You could have a drain clogged by toilet paper, or by a tree root. Both types of clogs can be dealt with in different ways. Chemicals can be used to deal with the blog caused by grease or toilet paper, while machinery, like a grinder, has to be used to get rid of a tree root.

Not knowing what type of blockage is in your line can cost you money, time and effort. As well, if you are going to remedy a flooding situation, you want to make sure that what you do doesn’t damage the pipes you have in the ground outside your home.

This is where having a unique view comes into play. Cameras can go nearly anywhere these days, and that includes into your sewer lines.

With the SeeSnake Video Inspection System technology, it is possible to pinpoint the exact location of a blockage in your sewer line. In addition, you can see if there are any issues with your drains and your pipes. This is important because it will allow you to see what is going on with your pipes. If you have a root system going into your pipes, which is a common problem, the quick fix is to grind up the root with a special device.

The problem is that many pipes are now decades old, even dating back as much as a century. Clay pipes are still being used. If the clay has degraded, then sending the grinding device through can actually destroy the pipes, and cause some very severe problems for you.

This is why something like the SeeSnake Video Inspection System is so great. It is a non-destructive method of piping inspection, saving you the worry that clearing the drain is going to cause more damage to your pipes.

Through the use of closed-circuit television cameras, you can ensure that the inspections will determine what the blockage is, and what wearing on piping has occurred on the pipes underground. The information gathered from CCTV inspections can offer you insight into problem areas.

You want to ensure that you have proper flood remediation for your home. This can include preventing blockages from occurring in your lines through CCTV inspections, and you can also make sure that the systems are in place to prevent water from coming into your home during a flood.

Climate Works is committed to help you keep your home safe and dry, and free of any flooding problems through flood remediation strategies like CCTV inspections.