A malfunctioning furnace can be more than an issue of temperature and comfort in your Ottawa home — it can represent a significant expense if you need to repair an old and malfunctioning furnace. Worse yet, if that furnace is beyond repair, you may be looking at furnace replacement in Ottawa, and that could run up to $1,000 or more for a modern, energy efficient model.

The good news is that those in Ottawa have the option of furnace repair before needing to consider outright replacement, and that can help save a significant amount of money if your existing furnace can get by with a simple furnace cleaning or other maintenance. That can be the best kind of furnace repair for your Ottawa home — or at least significantly cheaper than other repairs.

That said, you’ll want to do something. Neglecting to repair a malfunctioning furnace could come back to bite you with more costly repairs or even an outright replacement need. Furthermore, an old furnace could also be contributing to a significant increase in energy costs as it works overtime to meet your heating demands. In the spring and summer you may not notice it, but as fall and winter roll around it could send your energy costs sky-high.

The Costs of Furnace Repair in Ottawa

While there’s no such thing as a universal furnace repair or replacement cost, many smaller repairs will likely run somewhere between $100 and $300. Things like repairing a flame sensor may sit on the low end of the scale while a new heat exchanger, thermocouple or thermostat could run hundreds of dollars or more. 

In general, an igniter or relay switch might cost about $150 to $300 while a new circuit board or oil combustion chamber may run you north of $500. But not every repair is predictable. A new gas valve could cost anywhere between $200 and $1,000, which is similar to what you might encounter for a new draft inducer motor that could run you up to $1,500. 

Something like a new fuel pipe, while sounding simple, could cost anywhere between $400 and $800, and a new blower motor could lighten your bank account by up to $1,500. For other larger repairs such as a new evaporator or condenser coil, expect to pay more than $500 up to possibly $2,000 depending on the repair needed and the cost of parts.

To Repair or Replace?

If cleaning or repairing your Ottawa furnace isn’t possible, you may be looking at total replacement. However, furnaces aren’t rated to last for a lifetime even if they’re regularly maintained. Most are designed to last about 15 years on average, and you may actually come out on top if you replace rather than repair that ailing furnace. While you’ll pay a little more up front, you’ll save more money over the long run with greater energy efficiency and lower energy costs, as well as having a new furnace that you won’t have to repair or worry about for years.

Note that only a certified furnace professional can determine whether that aging furnace should be cleaned, repaired or replaced, so it’s best to leave it up to the experts when considering your options. A DIY repair might be cheaper in the short run, but you could also inadvertently damage your furnace in the process, as well as risking injury since furnaces deal with hazardous gases and open flames. 

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