As with any company that possesses a server, it is important to keep the server cool. If the company is large enough, it will have its own room where all the servers are kept to ensure they are safe, but accessible by those who need to get to it. The problem is that servers can use up a lot of energy, and the more energy they use, the hotter a room can become. If a server room is too hot, the servers can malfunction and fail. This is why server room cooling is so important.

If you are thinking of server room cooling solutions, here are some options available to you:

  • You can install a fan, but this isn’t going to do much beyond moving the warm air from the server around the room, thereby warming up the entire room in the process. A fan can be good if you have air conditioning because it will help to cool down the room in a faster manner.
  • You can have a separate air conditioner within the room, connected to an outside source. This is a good option that is generally cheaper than other options, but you have to make sure that the air conditioner can handle cooling down the room. If the room is too large, the air conditioner will run constantly without cooling down the room at all.
  • You can have the room connected to the main HVAC system. This allows you to have a lot of power behind your server room cooling but you have to make sure that the room can be cooled separately from the rest of the office building. This is because the server room needs to be a lot cooler than other rooms, often too cool for most people to find comfortable. Room temperature is also too hot for the server room, so it can be the same temperature as other rooms in the building. In order for this to work, the server room must be able to cool separately from the rest of the offices.
  • Have a vent at the top of the room that allows warm air to exit the room, helping to keep the entire room cool. This is a simple solution but putting a vent in the ceiling isn’t always easy, and it can end up costing you a lot of money if you need to install a new vent system that connects to the existing vent system.

Cooling down a server room is important and depending on the size of the server room, it can be costly. The best course of action is to use a combination of solutions. Have a separate air conditioner in the room as a backup to the main air conditioning system from the HVAC. Put in some fans to move the air around, and a vent at the top of the room to help the warm air exit. By having these solutions in place, your server room cooling will be much easier to accomplish.

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