The easiest way to save Home Heating Dollars is to lower the temperature setting on your home thermostat. As a general rule, you may save up to 2% on your heating bill for every 1˚C you turn the thermostat down overnight.

A programmable thermostat can automatically adjust your home’s temperature for better savings and comfort. Programmable thermostats have a mechanical or electronic timer that allows you to preset household temperatures for specific time periods of the day and night.

Increased awareness of the need to control other Indoor Air Quality factors such as proper ventilation and humidity, has led to the development of smarter control systems as well. Some newer thermostats also have the ability to control these factors, as well as others, in the summer and winter. Added control of humidity and ventilation leads to a more efficient system, but more importantly, a much healthier home climate.

Many homes have hardwood flooring that is sensitive to the level of humidity. By synchronizing the control and settings of these systems, as well as adjusting the system’s operation as outdoor conditions change, we ensure that your home stays within the proper range.