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There is much more to HVAC in a commercial building than in a home. The mechanical equipment needed in a commercial building is more sophisticated and powerful.

In a small commercial building (no larger than the average home), then a commercial heating solution of a conventional furnace is appropriate because there are few rooms to heat. However, if the building is substantially larger than the average home, then it will need a unique commercial HVAC system to ensure air is in proper circulation and the inhabitants are comfortable.

You can tell if your HVAC system is flawed if you find hotspots and coldspots depending on where you are in the building. A proper modern HVAC system will provide clean and comfortable air, consistent in temperature, to all areas of a commercial building.

Zoning systems are also a critical component of a commercial HVAC system. Common areas will have to be a specific temperature that everyone finds comfortable, but some individuals may want their office at a different temperature. Also, rooms with many computers (including server rooms or data centers) need to stay cool to function optimally. The need for temperature zoning systems creates the need for an advanced and capable HVAC system. These are some reasons why Commercial HVAC Services vastly differ from Residential HVAC Services.

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Here Are Some Important Questions To Consider About Your Commercial HVAC System:

  • How many offices and rooms need to be heated in order to make life comfortable for everyone?
  • Does each office have its’ own temperature gauge which can be adjusted so that individuals can have a cooler temperature in their office when compared with other offices?
  • What is the total square footage of surface area that is going to need to be heated by the heating system?
  • Is providing heat in a powerful manner more important than providing efficient heat?
  • Are there any warehouses that need to be heated?

Once you know the answers to these questions, you will grasp a deeper understanding of your unique commercial heating needs.

Our Expert Team at Climate Works will help you with all your commercial heating services questions. We will assess your needs and recommend the best heating solution for you – a solution that will surely make your indoor climate work! We offer efficient solutions that are environmentally friendly and will save you money on your energy bill.

There is a system out there for you, and we are here to help you find it. Climate Works Heating, Cooling & Plumbing Installs, Services, and Maintains all types of Commercial Heating Equipment. We are TSSA Certified and our licensed technicians are experts when it comes to gas, oil, propane, and electric equipment. We Are Your Ottawa Commercial Heating Experts.