Two decades ago, a thermostat was a simple device. You moved a piece of the thermostat to correspond with the temperature printed on the thermostat itself. It worked on simple thermodynamics. There wasn’t that much to it.

Today, things are much different. Not only are the vast majority of thermostats now digital, but they are even Internet-ready. Wi-Fi enabled thermostats are becoming more common because of the amazing convenience they provide for homeowners. Why do you need this? Well, once you have it, you will wonder how you ever lived without it.

For example, you are away on a trip and you turned the thermostat down to below room temperature because you are not going to be home. If you are not there, no need to be paying high energy prices to keep everything comfortable for no one. You are on your way home and you remember that things are going to be a bit cool in the house. You would like everything to be room temperature or slightly above because it is quite cold outside and you want to be nice and warm. You are still four hours from home, so how do you start heating up the house?

The WiFi Thermostat Advantage

With your smartphone and a Wi-Fi thermostat, all you do is adjust the temperature, using your wireless network. Even though you are four hours away from home, you can still adjust the temperature. That is pretty amazing when you think about it. This will help you save money on your energy bill because you can adjust the temperature not only for when you away but for the weather itself. Are you at work and it has suddenly turned cold? Turn up the thermostat a bit to make things more comfortable for when you get home. Is it suddenly warm and the sun is shining? If so, turn down the thermostat to take advantage of the warm sun in the home.

There are many other ways that Wi-Fi thermostats are a great feature for the home.

  • The WiFi thermostat can access the weather on the Internet and show you what the weather is going to be like for the next five days. As a result, you can program your thermostat based on the weather. This is extremely efficient and it will help you save money on your energy bill.
  • Many WiFi-enabled thermostats come with a One-Touch Away Mode. This mode allows you to hit one button on your phone and the thermostat will automatically go into away mode. It will turn down the furnace, or the air conditioner since you won’t be home and don’t need to have those costly items running in an empty house.
  • You can get alerts to your phone regarding your heating and cooling system. These alerts will give you an advanced warning when your heating or cooling system needs to be serviced. That saves you money and ensures you are not left without a furnace in the middle of winter because it broke down on you.