While summer temperatures remain mostly mild through the area, having the right commercial cooling in Ottawa can make work a little more comfortable for your employees and a bit more affordable for you.

Continue reading to learn about the various advantages to upgrading your commercial cooling system in Ottawa.

5 Advantages of Commercial Cooling in Ottawa

Commercial cooling systems in Ottawa provide many benefits to residents, workers, and business owners. If you’re determining whether or not it’s time to upgrade to an HVAC system, here are some of the advantages you can experience.

1. Increased Comfort

The most obvious advantage is the fact that you’ll experience more comfort indoors. While the average daily high in the summer is only 68 degrees F (20 degrees C), it’s still worth it during those hot periods in the dead of summer.

This factor is especially true if you’re working in an environment with a lot of labor such as manufacturing or skilled trades. Employees working in these types of commercial situations will appreciate the lower indoor temperature and they’ll be thankful thus improving their morale and making your business seem like a more desirable place to work.

2. Improved Employee Health

Believe it or not, having high-quality commercial cooling units in Ottawa can actually help make your employees healthier. If your current units are outdated or old, they don’t contain many of the new generation air purifiers and filters that kill bacteria and viruses.

Many HVAC systems produce these contaminants simply through the refrigeration process. They’re pumping that into your air and into your employees lungs which can make them sick. Upgrading to a new cooling system is a great way to keep your employees happy and healthy.

3. Easy to Maintain

It’s no secret that old commercial cooling equipment in Ottawa has higher operating and repair costs than newer equipment. Replacing parts such as coils and motors is expensive and much of the time, older systems will not alert you of a problem until it’s too late.

Many new cooling systems come with monitors and sensors that can let you know about a preventative maintenance issue before it results in a breakdown.

4. Options Based on Your Needs

Having a large number of options when it comes to commercial cooling service in Ottawa is important. Your building may have different needs than someone else’s so having plenty of options to suit your needs is important.

Newer cooling systems are available in duct-free, split systems, hybrids, and packaged heating and cooling systems. All of these options combined are guaranteed to ensure you get exactly what you need.

5. Great Energy Efficiency

Newer commercial cooling systems in Ottawa are more energy efficient which means less money coming out of your pocket. Your HVAC expenses can add up quickly during a warm spell so having the latest and greatest technology from Climate Works is important.

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