With anything that uses an air filter, you are going to hear the term HEPA Air Purifier. What is a HEPA Air Purifier and how does it impact your health?

High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) is a filter that may be found in automobiles, homes, aircraft and medical facilities. HEPA filters are required to meet certain standards of efficiency set by governing organizations, such as the United States Department of Energy. For an air filter to be categorized as a HEPA filter, the air filter must remove 99.97% of particles passing through the filter.

As you probably know, an air purifier is something that cleans or removes contaminants from indoor air. An air purifier sucks in unfiltered air, a filter then removes unwanted particles from the air, a fan then recirculates the purified air within the room. HEPA Air Purifiers are routinely used by those who are living with asthma, allergies, or autoimmune diseases and require purified air in their homes.

When you are selecting a HEPA Air Purifier, we suggest that you purchase one which is best suited for the room that you spend most of your time in. This will most likely be your bedroom. Most residential air purifiers are small and portable, allowing you to move them from room-to-room with ease.

Habitual use of a HEPA Air Purifier in your home will drastically improve indoor air quality by working to remove 99.7% of airborne particles and contaminants. Your allergies will improve and you and your family will be breathing cleaner, healthier air. Placing HEPA Air Purifiers in multiple rooms around your home will prevent dust from being sucked into air return vents and building up on flat surfaces. When less dust is present into your return air ducts, the cleaner your central air system will be a. Having a good HEPA Air Purifier is important.

Another beneficial thing about the HEPA Air Purifier is that you can take it with you when you travel. For example, when you arrive at a hotel room on a trip, you can plug in your portable HEPA Purifier, go for lunch, return to the room and know there will be no dander, cigarette smoke or anything else that may cause problems in the air. You just plug in your HEPA Air Purifier, it will clean the air so you are able to have a good sleep and not be dealing with a cough or breathing problems.

How do you choose the right HEPA Air Purifier?

Here are a few tips:

  • As we mentioned, you need to know what you need the purifier for. Is it to filter gas, smoke, pollen, dander or allergens? Depending on what you need it for, the type of filter and air purifier will change.
  • The efficiency of the filter is important but if you are using a HEPA filter, you are using the best. It can easily trap contaminants from 0.3 microns and up.
  • The clean delivery rate is also important, and if you buy a clean air delivery rate purifier that is 350-400 CPM, you are getting a very powerful air purifier.
  • Also, consider the noise of the purifier since it will probably run while you are sleeping.

All in all, you can’t go wrong with a HEPA Air Purifier!