Commercial heating in Ottawa operates the same as a residential heating system. The goal is to keep your facility at a comfortable temperature throughout the year with humidity around 50 percent. 

This is performed through the use of some form of buel whether it’s oil, gas, or electric. The cooling part of the system does the opposite. It extracts the hot air from outside, cools it through a refrigeration system, and then pumps it into the building. 

In addition to heating and cooling, proper ventilation is necessary as well. Many systems re-use indoor air to create the ideal temperature so filtration is required to prevent too much CO2 from entering the air inside your building. The goal is to keep the total CO2 at less than 1000 molecules per million. 

How Does a Commercial Heating Unit in Ottawa Work? 

Heating systems for commercial buildings in Ottawa should be fluent and consistent throughout the buildings. One way to tell that you have an old or needy system is if you’re noticing hotspots around the building. A properly maintained and updated system will allow each room to feel the same and ensure that proper air circulation is present no matter where you are. 

This is done in a variety of ways but here are some examples of how commercial heating systems work.

The most obvious way that these work is by using burners to combust a gas that is then pumped through a heat exchanger. This warm air is then transported through a duct system and into the rooms of your commercial building. 

Some buildings use a boiler that heats water and that water moves through pipes. This process is similar to how old radiators would heat your home. 

For cooling, the process operates in reverse. The hot air is taken from outdoors and transferred through a cooling system and the cool air is pumped throughout the building. 

Types of Commercial Heating Systems in Ottawa

If you’re trying to decide what type of commercial heating service in Ottawa is right for you, one of the biggest decisions you’ll make is on the type of energy you use. 

Oil or Gas Steam – Steam has heated commercial buildings for a long time. A boiler system heats oil or gas to a boiling point that creates steam. This steam then passes through pipes and into your building. This system is outdated, slow, and not the most efficient way to heat your commercial property. 

Oil or Gas Water – In this case, instead of using the steam, the heat actually boils the water and it passes through the pipes to force hot air into the building. This system again is inefficient and slow because you need to wait for the hot air to be produced before the building gets warm. 

Heat Pump Systems – Heat pumps are the most efficient way to heat your commercial operation. These will extract heat from the air without requiring any type of fuel. The main problem is that they require a backup heat source when temperatures get too cold so they’re not always the best choice for Canadian residents. 

Final Thoughts 

If you’re in need of a new or updated commercial heating system in Ottawa, Climate Works Heating, Cooling & Plumbing is here for you. Schedule a free consultation today and experience the difference an experienced and trained company can make.