Your garage is a fully-functional extension of your home but often, we treat it as an afterthought. You’re in there working on your car, planning future home improvement projects, and having a cup of coffee as the sun comes up in the morning. Winters are cold and having garage heaters in Ottawa is the only way to ensure you can use your garage year-round. 

Let’s take a look at ten reasons why you should get the best heater for your garage in Ottawa.

1. Prevent Damage from Freezing Temperatures 

Freezing temperatures not only pose a risk to your home but to your car as well. Dead batteries, cold fluids, and frozen windshield wipers not only cut valuable minutes off your day but they can do long-term damage to your car. Make sure you’re doing everything you can to protect your vehicles as well as any tools or mechanical equipment you have in your garage. A natural gas garage heater in Ottawa will help you keep the garage warm all winter while using a clean and renewable source of energy. 

2. Create a Comfortable Living Space 

When life gets a little too crazy sometimes the only retreat we have is the garage. If it’s January, you know you’re not getting in there without freezing your toes off. Having a garage heater can help extend your home into the garage no matter what the temperature is. Why not create a comfortable space to hang out when things get a little too busy in the house? 

3. Warm Rooms Above the Garage 

Propane garage heaters in Ottawa will keep the rooms above your garage warmer because heat rises. As you warm up the garage, you’ll help save money on your energy bills in the rest of your house as well. We suggest insulating any exterior walls of the garage if you haven’t already. This will not only create a comfortable area to hang out inside the garage but it’ll help warm up the rest of the house too. 

4. Make Warming up the Car a Bit Easier 

There are few things worse than having to go out in the freezing cold to warm up your car. Many people believe that just because they have a garage it means they’ll never have to experience that. In the dead of winter, the garage can be just as cold as it is outside. This is where garage heaters in Ottawa come into play. 

5. Prepare for Future Development 

Having a garage heater in Ottawa will help you plan for future investments in the house. No one wants to go out into a cold garage to work on home improvement projects so heating the garage will help you get more done even when it’s cold outside. 

6. Abiding by Neighborhood Codes 

This tip will vary from place to place but you might have neighborhood codes that say you must have a heater in your garage to prevent damage to pipes. Be sure to look into that. 

7. Fun for the Kiddos and Pets 

Filling up car fluids in the snow
Pouring antifreeze liquid for washing car screen.

The best garage heaters in Ottawa will help turn your garage into a fun place to hang out for the whole family. When it’s cold outside, the kids could use the garage to ride their bikes, draw with chalk, or play with bubbles. Activities they would normally do outside can now move into the warmth of your heated garage. 

8. More Compact and Safer than Other Heaters 

Propane garage heaters in Ottawa are safe, compact, and energy efficient. Our propane heaters run up to 80 percent thermal efficiency with a direct spark ignition for improved performance. 

9. Limited Investment 

Best of all, heating your garage doesn’t have to cost a ton. The heaters are fuel efficient and you don’t have to keep them on all the time if you don’t want to heat the garage all the time. Use it when you need it and shut it off when you don’t. 

10. ClimateWorks Can Do It 

Now is the best time to schedule a free consultation so you can start utilizing your garage year round. We’ll be happy to install a garage heater in Ottawa for you and your family.