There are few things better than air conditioning on a hot day. When the temperature goes up in the summer, sales of air conditioners always go up. The problem is that with an air conditioner, one-room gets nice and cold, but the rest of the rooms are still warm. This is why you need something like a central air conditioner at your disposal. A central air conditioner circulates the air throughout the entire house, using your duct system. This allows the entire house to be cooled and negates the need to buy several air conditioners to cool down an entire house.

If you are looking at getting a central air conditioner, there are two types you can choose from. The first is the split-system, which has a metal cabinet outside that contains the compressor and the condenser, as well as an evaporator cabinet indoors. The evaporator coil is installed into the cabinet, or into the main supply duct of the furnace. If you have a furnace already but no air conditioner, then your best options is a split-system.

The second type of system is the packaged central air conditioner, which includes everything in one cabinet. This is put on a concrete slab outside the house, or on the roof. This is often found in small commercial buildings and the air supply and return ducts come from the indoors, to the cabinet outside. This type of air conditioner unit includes electric heating coils, or a natural gas furnace. This eliminates the need for a separate furnace inside. This is a good option for a new home, or a home where the furnace needs to be replaced.

Advantages of Central Air Conditioners

There are several advantages related to having a central air conditioner.

  • The fact that the central air conditioner is able to cool the entire house at the same time, something a window unit cannot do, is a huge advantage. In order to have more than one room cooled with window units, several units are needed. This is a huge energy drain and it will show up on your energy bill. As a result, the central air conditioner is much more energy-efficient. While it costs more than a typical air conditioner, you will see the savings in the long-run.
  • The air quality is better with this system than with window units. The filter used in a central air conditioner unit can make allergens and particles out of the air, keeping the air clean for you and your family.
  • The noise of an air conditioner is one of the biggest problems with it. While you may become used to it, you shouldn’t have to. That is why a central air conditioner is so great. It is able to run outside, or in the basement, and you don’t have to worry about the noise it is making.

Not to mention, in some places, having a central air conditioner will actually increase the resale value of a home. Just one of the many reasons that you should consider one.