Within a commercial building, ducts can become very dirty. There are several reasons for this, mainly from extended use of the HVAC system. As time goes on, more and more dirt and debris will collect within the duct system. When that happens, every time the system comes on, the system will shoot dust and debris into the air. For many people, this may not be a problem and they won’t even notice it, but for anyone with breathing problems like asthma or allergies, it can be a significant issue. For that reason, you need to get duct cleaning done.

Generally, you should have duct cleaning done at least once every five years, but get duct inspections done on a yearly basis. Depending on how much the duct system is used by the HVAC, you may have to get it cleaned more frequently, or less frequently as the case may be.

If you are getting the air ducts cleaned, there are roughly four steps to the air duct cleaning process in a commercial building.

  • The air handler system is the heart of your furnace in the office. This is the thing that is responsible for sending air throughout the business, and it receives air from the building as well, so it can heat it, depending on how your HVAC system works. The air that goes through the building must be cleaned, and if it is not, the air going into the building will not be clean. That is why the air handler needs to be cleaned in order to make sure that all air going through the furnace and into the ducts is clean and free of dust or debris that could make breathing difficult for some people.
  • Next, the vent registers will be cleaned. This is the last thing the air hits before going into an office, so it is important to remove the covers and to clean them.
  • The air ducts themselves are next to be cleaned; this is what will take the most amount of time. There are two ways that the duct systems can be cleaned. The first involves having a negative air machine on one vent, with all other vents closed to create negative pressure. The ducts are then cleaned using a powered rotating brush. The other way to clean the duct system is to have an air duct cleaning machine with a long hose and rotating powered brush that disturbs the dust within the air ducts. Both of these methods are 100 percent effective in removing dust and debris from the air system.
  • Once the ducts are cleaned, several cleaning solutions can be applied, including a deodorizer that will remove any fine particles and a soot sealer that will keep your ducts nice and sealed so you don’t have to worry about losing heat or cold air in the ducts when the system is on. This step helps to remove any lingering odours in the system and make the ducts smell nice and clean.