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So your home is fitted with good heating and cooling equipment – that means everything is taken care of, right? Well … not quite. While it would certainly help with regulating the temperature of the air, the conditioned air needs to be delivered to its destination – your home – and that’s precisely what an air handler does.

Using an air handler in Ottawa to “handle” or circulate the cool or warm air – depending on the time of the year – is therefore an important piece of equipment that most homes require, whether it’s for the colder months and you rely on an outdoor heater or for the warmer months and your home doesn’t have a furnace.

Air Handlers… the Perfect Solution!

An air handler is an HVAC unit out fitted with a fan and varying means of transferring hot or cold air throughout your home or building through ductwork. Air handler, in Ottawa, is most commonly used with a heat pump, air conditioner, or boiler system as the heat or cooling power plant. Although they work with an outdoor temperature regulating appliance such as a heat pump or air conditioner, they are typically installed inside the house, in the basement or a tiny space specially reserved for them.

How do Air Handlers Work?

Some air handlers have hot water coils and distribute heating via hot water provided by a boiler. These are called air handler hydronic heating systems and are commonly used as part of a hybrid heating system with radiant floor heating. Domestic water heating is often also supplied by the boiler by using an indirect water heater.

An electric air handler unit comprises several components like a coil (to condition the air), blower (to circulate the air), and at times an electric heat strip. When used along with heating equipment, it acts as a heat pump, drawing in cool air from the home, transforming it from cool to hot air with the help of the warm evaporator coil, and then driving the heated air throughout the home. The cool refrigerant is pushed out to the heat pump and the coil is warm again for the next cycle.

In reverse mode or when used with an air conditioner, it draws in warm air from the house, and cools it with the help of the coil, and then propels the cool air to the house.

That said, it’s important to note that an air handler is neither a furnace nor an air conditioner. An electric air handler is different from a furnace in that it doesn’t have a burner to “heat” air and nor does it use natural gas to heat the home. It needs a heat pump in order to function or “heat” the air. Similarly, what makes it distinct from an air conditioner is that it cannot “condition” the air by itself and is instead a part of the split air conditioning system.

When used with a heat pump, the primary benefit of an air handler is the integrated indoor coil which is designed to capture the heat from the heat pump first. This means that the heat pump acts as the primary heat source and the electric elements act only as a supplementary heat source, and that too, only as required.

Air handler heating systems in Ottawa are also available with hot water coils in place of the electric elements in the same configuration. Hot water from a boiler is pumped through the coil and the heat transferred to the air in order to heat the home.

When it comes to your home heating needs, you may have a lot of questions. Winters in Ottawa can be harsh, but Climate Works is here to help you live comfortably! The last thing you want is to risk your home comfort during one of our frequent cold streaks.

Hybrid Heat Systems

These “Hybrid Heating Systems” are more common than ever, taking advantage of the efficiency of hot water heating but retaining the benefit of forced air systems. They can be particularly efficient system when combined with a heat pump.

Air handlers can be installed on the rooftop in commercial HVAC systems, but are more commonly located in indoor mechanical rooms just as a furnace would be in a residential application.

Choosing an Air Handler

When choosing an air handler heating system in Ottawa, it’s critical to match the unit to the outdoor heat pump or air conditioning unit. Some heat pumps or air conditioners are designed to only work with specific indoor air handler components, while others are more versatile. These matched components can have a dramatic effect on energy efficiency ratings, noise levels and control systems for each type of air handler.

The size of an air handler is also a major issue when making a purchase. It is important to choose a unit with the appropriate heating and cooling capacity for the space or home. As with gas furnaces and air conditions, an improperly sized air handler heating for your home will not perform properly to provide the comfort levels or efficiencies desired.

As with most heating and cooling components, an air handler must be properly maintained to function at peak performance. As with furnaces, maintenance includes cleaning or replacing the filter regularly, but an annual check of the overall system is also advised. As with any HVAC system, installation should be performed and the system should be programmed by a skilled technician to maximize performance and reduce the risk of operation issues.

How Climate Works Can Help?

Whether it is heating, cooling, plumbing, or duct cleaning, Climate Works – the leading provider of HVAC services in the National Capital Region – is a safe bet! Apart from an air handler heating system in Ottawa, some of our other product offerings include heat pump, water heater, boiler, electric furnace, and pool heater, all of which are of top quality and reliability.

Climate Works is fully bonded and insured and TSSA and WSIB certified. Our team of professionals including air handler experts have numerous levels of security clearance and possess years of experience. They ensure your comfort at all times by being available 24/7. Safety remains our number one priority across all work sites and our employees are dedicated to abiding by all safety requirements.

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    The quietest and most efficient air handler you can buy. The variable speed motor in the CBA38MV knows exactly how hard it needs to work to keep you comfortable, speeding up and down accordingly. No wasted effort means no wasted energy—and lower utility bills.



    Dependable, energy-efficient comfort, even in the harshest conditions. When paired with your heat pump or air-conditioning system, the CBA27UHE’s Lennox® Quantum™ coil handles the heat like no other. Its proprietary enhanced aluminum construction means that it operates reliably, even in the harshest conditions.

    The Power Saver™ constant torque motor in the CBA27UHE adjusts airspeed based on demand, helping the air handler use less energy in both heating and cooling modes.



    Variable-speed air handler that delivers quiet and high-efficiency comfort. The variable-speed motor delivers consistent temperatures and steady, even airflow throughout the home. It features a fully-insulated cabinet which reduces sound for quiet operation and helps prevent cabinet sweating in hot and humid environments.




    Three-speed air handler that delivers economical, high-efficiency comfort. This Air Handler delivers an instant boost of hot air for added comfort when you need it most. It also features a fully-insulated cabinet reduces sound for quiet operation and helps prevent cabinet sweating in hot and humid environments.





    This model is one of the quietest and most efficient air handlers you can buy. Variable-speed technology provides a constant flow of air, with no loud drafts or operating sounds. Steady air movement also enhances efficiency, using 2/3 less energy than the compertitive single-stage units.

    EVENHEATER® preheats air before circulating it through your home. Heat is delivered in stages to help prevent drafts.



    This model is a quiet and efficient air handler appropriate for almost any installation. The variable-speed motor ramps up slowly, so there’s never a noisy blast of air at startup. Variable-speed technology precisely controls airflow, which helps maximize energy efficiency and reduce operating sounds. During hot weather, this air handler’s continuous air circulation helps lower humidity levels inside your home.



    This model is an efficient air handler for virtually any installation. The CBX32M is the ideal indoor component of your heat pump or air-conditioning system. It uses smart, high-quality components to provide efficient comfort all year long. The direct-drive blower motor runs smoothly at higher speeds for an elevated level of comfort, with minimum operating sounds and energy waste.




    Perfect for almost any home. A high-efficiency constant torque blower motor maintains consistent comfort at a whisper. A knockout opening in the cabinet makes it easy to add a Healthy Climate® UV germicidal light that eliminates mold and bacteria, so the air you breathe is cleaner and healthier. Advanced Lennox® engineering combines with high-quality components to allow efficient circulation of air, which helps enhance comfort and lower utility bills.




    High-Efficiency, Constant CFM, Communicating One-piece Air Handler

    • Advanced MaxAlloy™ coil is optimized for effective airflow.
    • ClimaTrak™ feature enables blower to best serve your particular climate.
    • Comes with factory mounted EEV.
    • Communicating capable.
    • Variable-speed fan motor provides more consistent comfort and less power consumption.
    • 10-year parts and 1-year labor limited warranties ensure years of dependability with industry-leading quality.




    High-Efficiency, Constant CFM, Communicating One-piece Air Handler

    • Advanced MaxAlloy™ coil is optimized for effective airflow.
    • ClimaTrak™ feature enables blower to best serve your particular climate.
    • Variable-speed fan motor provides more consistent comfort and less power consumption.
    • Communicating capable.
    • 10-year parts and 1-year labor limited warranties ensure years of dependability with industry-leading quality.




    High-Efficiency, Multi-speed, One-piece Air Handler

    • Standard ECM five-speed fan motor operates quietly and saves energy.
    • Advanced MaxAlloy™ coil is optimized for effective airflow.
    • 10-year parts and 1-year labor limited warranties ensure years of dependability with industry-leading quality.




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