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Plumbing in a home significantly varies from the plumbing in a commercial building. While plumbing in a home is designed to handle the needs of between one to five people on average, commercial plumbing needs to handle not just dozens, but sometimes hundreds of people. As a result, a commercial plumbing system needs to be stronger and able to handle the enormous amount of use that it is going to get. If you think the plumbing not working in your home is terrible, think of how bad things would be if the plumbing system stopped working in an office building or shopping mall.

Habitually servicing a commercial plumbing system is very important. The system needs to be inspected and maintained at least once per year due to the amount of use it is getting. If you don’t service the plumbing system in a commercial building regularly, you are asking for problems to come. Issues with your commercial plumbing system are not worth the risk.

On that same note, if your plumbing system is very out of date, you may need to get a new installation. A new commercial plumbing installation will keep your system running properly for longer, with fewer problems. With modern technology related to commercial plumbing, there are a lot of ways that you can upgrade your plumbing system so that everything keeps running smoothly and your employees stay happy.

Plumbing in commercial buildings isn’t just about the taps and toilets; it also includes the heating, cooling and HVAC systems, which often use steam to heat or cool a room within a building.

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Climate Works Plumbing Services

Back Flow Prevention

To protect municipal drinking water supplies from cross-contamination, municipalities across Ontario have passed bylaws requiring backflow-prevention equipment. Climate Works performs surveys, installs, consults, and maintains back flow preventers.

For example, the city of Ottawa backflow prevention bylaw came into effect June 28, 2017. Building owners will receive letters from the city requesting a survey be completed. You can contact Climate Works at this point and we can walk you through the steps in order to become compliant.

The Steps involved are:

  1. You receive a letter from the City requesting a survey be completed, at this time you contact Climate Works to conduct a survey
  2. Climate Works completes the survey and submits it to the City of Ottawa
  3. You receive a letter form the city stating what is required
  4. An Engineer will need to be engaged at this time to design the backflow prevention system, Climate Works can recommend various engineers or you can use your preferred engineer
  5. Climate Works can provide a price based on the engineers drawings
  6. Climate Works installs the system and certifies it
  7. You are now compliant with the City of Ottawa bylaw
Industrial Plumbing

When you talk about industrial plumbing, you are talking about industrial applicants for industrial products. These are things like water treatment plants, pulp mills, even oil refineries and nuclear power plants. Fabrication ships and shipyards that use steam to power a variety of systems and plumbing is a vital part of steam power. Plumbing is needed to deal with toxic chemicals, clean products, cut products, along with many other applications.

Just become someone who has experience installing plumbing in a home does not make them skilled for industrial plumbing projects. Industrial Plumbing Systems require experienced and licensed plumbing professionals. Our licensed plumbing experts at Climate Works make sure the job is done right. Industrial projects necessitate experience, expertise, professionalism, and Climate Works offers all of that.

Industrial plumbing jobs can be huge and require detailed planning. Projects can take weeks, or sometimes months, to complete. It is not a job for someone who is not skilled or experienced in it.

Industrial plumbing systems are often used to keep workers, the environment and regular citizens safe. With every industrial plumbing project, there is attached a tremendous amount of responsibility, which we at Climate Works take very seriously.

Whether it is a massive job of providing piping for a large industrial project, or something as simple as plumbing within a warehouse for the workers, we can make it happen on-time, on-budget and to your unique specifications.

High Pressure Welding

The system in your home operates under a lot of pressure. If you don’t believe that it does, cut a hole in a pipe in your basement and see how powerful the stream is coming out.

Steam systems are under high-pressure and need to function in such a way that the high-pressure water isn’t going to leak out of a pipe. We perform high-pressure welding to ensure all components of a steam plumbing system are permanently welded together, with no worry that there is ever going to be a leak ever. High-pressure welding is not something that anyone can do, and it should only be done by an experienced professional.

Welding high-pressure systems are not the same as welding other systems. High-pressure welding mandates the welder receive training to do it properly carry out the task.

In modern plumbing systems, there are three main types of welds: The first is brazing, the second is bronze welding, and the third is fusion welding. Today, the most common way to weld is through high-pressure welding equipment, which utilizes a combination of oxygen and acetylene.

Whether it is pipes, boilers, radiators, water heaters or anything else related to plumbing and water, having someone skilled with high-pressure welding is essential in any plumbing job.

Steam/Pipe Fitting

Steam power has existed for over 200 years. From the first locomotives that ran on steam, to the many large pieces of machinery that made industrial marvels in the 19th and 20th centuries, steam has been an essential part of a building. Today, steam is still a necessary part of many industrial systems, and these systems need pipes to transport steam to various areas within the system.

Steamfitting is a multi-faceted trade that is used in everything from fabrication shops to shipyards, from water treatment plants to pulp mills. Even nuclear power plants and oil refineries use steamfitting.

Steamfitting keeps pipes that transport steam through a home or business or industrial area working correctly. If pipes carrying steam don’t work correctly, and break down, it can become a dangerous situation for anyone nearby. For anyone who is injured by improper steamfitting work, it can create injuries that last a lifetime.

Steamfitting is a complicated thing to do, and it needs to be done right. If you are seeking steamfitting services, you need to make sure it is performed by a professional who knows how to do the job right. Climate Works will make sure that every steam fitting job we do is done right, so you won’t ever have to worry about the system.

There is a system out there for you, and we are here to help you find it. Climate Works Heating, Cooling & Plumbing Installs, Services, and Maintains all types of Commercial & Industrial Plumbing Equipment. We are TSSA Certified and our licensed technicians are experts when it comes to gas, oil, propane, hydronic and electric equipment. We Are Your Ottawa Commercial Plumbing Experts.