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In any company with a server, it is important to keep the server cool and clean. If the company is large enough, it will have its own room, where the server is kept to ensure it is safe but accessible by those who need to get to it. The problem is that servers can use up a lot of energy, and the more energy they use, the hotter a room can become. If a server room is too hot, the servers can malfunction and fail. This is why server room cooling and cleaning is so important.

When the ductwork cooling your server room is not clean, the air streaming from the ductwork will carry dust and microparticles. Overtime, dust will build up on your server racks and boxes. An accumulation of dust will act to insulate your computing equipment and may cause it to overheat or malfunction. If you have a large server room, cleaning dust of each of the boxes on every rack in the room is significantly time consuming. It is time and money saving to take a preventive measure and have your ductwork cleaned.

Climate Works offers full technology protection services, from cleaning under your raised floors, to anti-static floor cleaning, to duct cleaning, and more. We are trusted and serve many of Ottawa’s tech giants along with the Canadian Government. All of our workers possess some degree of security clearances, ranging from reliability to top-secret.


Climate Works Data Room Cleaning Services

Data Rooms Are Each Unique. Climate Works Heating, Cooling & Plumbing Services and Maintains all types of Commercial Data Equipment. We are TSSA Certified and our licensed technicians are experts when it comes to all gas, oil, propane, hydronic and electric equipment. We Are Your Ottawa Data Center Cleaning Experts.