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Climate Works is one of the few National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) certified duct cleaning companies in the Ottawa National Capital Region. Hiring a NADCA certified company to perform a commercial duct cleaning is a sure way to avoid a scam. We are trusted to perform air duct cleanings by businesses, hospitals, the government, and homeowners across the nation.

We spend an average of 90% of our time inside; and the air indoors contains many substances that may be hazardous to our health. The need for clean air indoors cannot be underestimated and Climate Works will help you find the solution for your office or building, no matter the size.

The goal of commercial duct cleaning is to remove visible contaminants such as dust, debris and moisture from the entire air conveyance system so that the air passes over clean surfaces.

Microbial contaminants such as bread molds, mildews and soil fungi, which can be invisible to the naked eye, can also be removed from the HVAC system with the proper cleaning and sanitizing procedures. The benefits of duct cleaning include lessening the chances of indoor air pollution, health and comfort complaints by the occupants, and it may decrease energy costs by allowing the mechanical components to operate more efficiently and last longer.

We spend eight to nine hours of our day at work. If we work in an office, we are working in an indoor, enclosed environment and it is important that the environment is healthy and safe. It also needs to be comfortable, and comfort and health can go hand-in-hand when dealing with duct cleaning.

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The issue with commercial HVAC systems is they get a lot more use than other systems. That use means a lot more air is moving through the ducts, and a lot more can accumulate within the duct system. While you should have your residential ducts inspected every year or so, and cleaned every five years, it is not unusual to have ducts cleaned on a yearly basis in a commercial business due to the increased use.
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Reasons to get a Commercial Duct Cleaning

First of all, dust and allergens can accumulate within the duct system. You won’t have to deal with smoke from cigarettes in the duct system, but you will have to deal with things that can make breathing difficult for many people. Whenever the system comes on, those items are going to be blown into the air, causing problems for a lot of people. Cleaning ducts can prevent that from happening.

Cleaning ducts can also prevent things like rats, mice and insects from lodging in the ducts, which themselves can spread disease to the rest of the building. That is not something you want to happen, needless to say.

Mold is a serious problem in many buildings and mold can live in the ducts of a commercial building. With warm air, a slightly moist environment, and the right combination of conditions, mold can grow. If it grows in the ducts, then every single time the system comes on, the air will blow the mold spores throughout the building, helping it spread. That is not a good situation for a building to be in, and it can result in the shutting down of the building for several days, or even weeks, as the mold is dealt with.

Commercial duct cleaning is about prevention. Your ducts may be fine, there may be nothing harmful in them, but you can’t just assume that. You need to do what you need to in order to make sure they are clean, and to clean them if they happen to be dirty.

Commercial duct cleaning is not very expensive, but it can go a long way to protecting the health of your employees. Those with lung problems or breathing problems may have difficulty in a business where there are dirty ducts. If breathing at work is a problem, their productivity is going to fall and that is going to hurt your business.

You should routinely have your commercial ductwork inspected and, if need be, have a commercial duct cleaning performed to ensure your indoor work environment is safe for everyone. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure… as they say.

Climate Works is one of the few National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) certified duct cleaning companies in the National Capital Area.

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About Air Duct Cleanings

We clean dust, debris, and moisture from the entire air duct conveyance system in your home, leaving nothing but clean air so you can breathe easy.

In addition, even microbial contaminants such as bread molds, mildews, and soil fungi, which can be invisible to the naked eye, can also be removed during duct cleaning when utilizing our professional sanitizing equipment and procedures.

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While the air ducts carry that warm and cool air to us, helping us stay comfortable no matter the season, they also carry particles, dust and other things that can be harmful to our health. A time when you really want to have the air ducts cleaned is following renovations.

Dust and dander can cause serious problems for anyone who has breathing issues in the home. Every time the furnace comes on, it will be blowing dust and dander through the air, aggravating the lungs of anyone who has asthma or allergies, for example.

If you believe you have mold in your ducts, then you absolutely want to get them cleaned. You don’t want mold spores floating around your home while the furnace or air conditioner is on. If you believe vermin to be present in your air ducts, having the ducts cleaned can eliminate that problem as well.

The Environmental Protection Agency recommends that air ducts be cleaned as needed – every few years at least. Since it takes time for dust and particles to accumulate in your air ducts, we recommend an air duct cleaning every five to seven years.

If you’re unsure you need an air duct cleaning, we recommend an inspection to check if you need to have your ducts cleaned.