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Residential CCTV Inspections

Home inspections are becoming more thorough and more detailed with every passing year. Today, it is possible to do inspections of areas never before dreamed of, and that is making homes safer, and protecting potential homeowners from serious and costly problems down the road.

One new form of inspection that is becoming more and more popular are CCTV Inspections.


About CCTV Video Inspections

What is a Video Inspection?

Simply put, a CCTV inspection is when an inspector comes to your home and uses small cameras and closed-circuit television cameras to do inspections of areas that would be impossible to see any other way. Cameras these days can be incredibly small and it is not unusual to even have plumbers using cameras to inspect waterlines.

Speaking of water lines, with our SeeSnake Inspection System, it is possible for us to use the CCTV technology to see if there are any blockages or issues with piping, with your drains, or anything along the lines.

Why do a Video Inspection?

The question may be why do you need to see down there when you can just clear the blockage. That is a good question and many plumbers and inspectors just use a snake to clear out the blockage, whatever it may be. Often that works, but in many locations, pipes can be decades, even a century old, and without proper inspection, improper cleaning can actually damage the pipes. Now, something that was only going to cost you a hundred dollars or so is going to cost you thousands.

With the SeeSnake Inspection System, we are using a non-destructive method of piping inspection. There is no reason to dig anything up or clear anything out. The CCTV ensures that the inspections will determine what the blockage is, how to clear it and what danger there may be to the piping if clearing is done. The information that is gathered from CCTV inspections can offer a great deal of insight into problem areas in the piping.

Whether residential or commercial, video is an invaluable tool for ensuring that work is done in the right way. We also use video as a tool to conduct inspections of the work that we complete.

Who needs a Video Inspection?

If you believe that your pipes are clogged but don’t know if a CCTV inspection is the way to go. Rather than just jamming something to chop up the blockage down the pipes, risking damage to the pipes, you can know what is down there before proceeding.

Why would you want to know that? Well, there are brands of toilet paper that can form large dams of tissue in pipes, which then cause blockages. In addition, if you pour grease down the pipes, that can cause massive blockages too. Both of those types of blockages are treated in different ways, with varying prices between them.

With CCTV inspections, we can determine if you have a clogged drain from tissues, grease or tree roots. All three of these blockages can be dealt with in different ways and you don’t want to pay the cost of dealing with a tree root when it is only some grease that can be dealt with cheaply.

A CCTV inspection ensures you get the problem fixed in a timely, efficient and cost-effective manner.

Where are video inspections most used?

Video inspections are most frequently used for two applications: plumbing, and duct work.


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