Portable Air Conditioners in Ottawa


Is a Portable Air Conditioner right for you?

Portable air conditioners, although not particularly energy-efficient, are convenient in that you are able to move them from room-to-room with ease. If you are living in an apartment building or renting, a portable air conditioner is right for you!

Climate Works also offers dehumidification technology for fast drying and protection from moisture damage and ceiling-mounted A/C units for areas with limited floor space. No matter what level of cooling and drying you need, we have the solution.

Our Products

Best Portable Air Conditioner

ZoneAire 4-In-1 System

ZoneAire is like having multiple appliances in one convenient unit: an air conditioner, a dehumidifier, a fan and a heater (heat pump model only).

It’s practical and flexible: because the unit can move with you to any room, you get cooling exactly when and where you need it.

The dehumidification mode keeps your space comfortably dry, and there’s no bucket to empty. When you just want a gentle breeze, switch to fan mode.

  • Remote control included
  • ZoneAire: Cooling from 9300-11600 Btu/h
  • Up to 9.5 EER