Types of water heaters in ottawa

The Best Types of Water Heaters for Ottawa Homes

Finding the best water heaters in Ottawa is important when you’re dealing with average winter temperatures ranging in the single digits to below zero. The problem is, our water heater isn’t something we think about until it becomes a problem. We need to make sure that we maintain our...

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Clearing the driveway in the winter

10 Reasons Ottawa Homeowners Need a Garage Heater

Your garage is a fully-functional extension of your home but often, we treat it as an afterthought. You’re in there working on your car, planning future home improvement projects, and having a cup of coffee as the sun comes up in the morning. Winters are cold and having garage...

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Snowy town - a typical wintery night scene in a Canadian city

Effective Ottawa Home Heating Solutions for Every Canadian

Given the long and extremely cold winters in Canada, effective Ottawa home heating solutions are imperative for every home. In fact in some parts of the country, heating may be required for even 9 or more months. Fortunately to keep the temperatures within a comfortable range, there’s an eclectic...

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What To Look For When Buying a Gas Furnace in Ottawa

A new gas furnace can represent a significant expense. It’s also crucial to keeping you and your family comfortable inside while Mother Nature does her worst outside. But aside from the occasional maintenance issue, most of us never think about our furnace until it’s time for a replacement. However,...

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air conditioners work best in Ottawa?

What to Expect from Air Conditioners in Ottawa Climate

What is the efficiency of an air conditioner in Ottawa? Ottawa has very warm and humid summers, so families rely on AC to make the temperature at home comfortable. Below you’ll find out the common issues of air conditioning in Ottawa, as well as information on repairs. What Are...

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